You are incredible. Stunning. Brilliant. Magical. You have spectacular work to do during your time on the planet.

You know this in your heart, mind, and soul. You know that the life of your wildest dreams is totally possible for you. In fact, you know that you could have a life beyond your wildest dreams where you craft the most magnificent life experiences. This isn’t a fantasy—this is TRUTH. Soul Truth. We are offering you the opportunity to experience soul guided quantum leaps, radical transformation and infinitely expanded awareness. The Thrive System is a way to help you efficiently access your connection to Source energy so that you can truly, deeply THRIVE. Because when YOU thrive, we ALL thrive.
And IMAGINE what our world would look like if we were ALL thriving!

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Live Your Thrive ®

From the Founders

Whether you are just barely beginning to sense that a thriving life is possible for you, or whether your life is totally awesome but you know it…

What is Thrive?

Love. Nourishment. Abundance. The feeling of being lifted up, brightened, and filled with ease. Think about one of the most perfect moments of your life: witnessing a…

Soul Guidance

Thrive works through communicating Soul to Soul. Soul is our essential nature. All things have a soul (though some may choose to deny their nature or the…

Meet Founders

Lauren & Eric



A Scientist turned Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner and healer, Lauren is a bridge between the world of practical no-nonsense facts and the unseen realms of Energy and Soul. Experiencing a Thrive Session with Lauren has been described as life changing!


All his life, Eric has sought to unlock the secrets of repeatable success. Founding companies worth billions has sent him on a journey to share these secrets with you! His hope is that this work will provoke you to higher and more expanded states of consciousness!

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