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7 Quotes for Healing and Evolving

Welcome to another edition of our latest Instagram posts wrap-up. These quotes are all about healing and evolving with the courage to be yourself and live your sacred purpose.

Your Soul is your wisest Council on the healing path.  There are so many ways to connect, and Thrive is one. In a Thrive session, we step out of the way and let your Soul lead the way to and for your highest and greatest good.⁣⁣ We recognize that “the healer you have been looking for is your own courage to know and love yourself completely” (Yung Pueblo).

That love, truth and wisdom you’re searching for is within.⁣ Those of you who’ve been on the healing journey for a long time, know that it’s infinite and eternal. The lessons don’t just stop when you “get it”, but you rise up to a new version of yourself who is capable of more!

It’s been said: “you grow through what you go through.” And this truly is a time of massive growth and evolution. Thriving is possible, it’s here at the growing edge of your life experiences – all of them. So, the invitation (and challenge) is to welcome thriving in all ways, inside and out!⁣

How? Wake up to the opportunity of your life every morning:

Teacher, Guru Singh, suggests: “Each morning is an opportunity to be the person you were born to be. Each morning is an opportunity to take this chance . . . take this risk . . . blossom into the new evolution of human consciousness . . . create the greatest possibility of your life.”

So here’s the thing: you are not only your greatest healer, but also a creator. Einstein says: “If you match the frequency of the reality that you want, you cannot help but get that reality.” So, let’s take a look at frequency and reality. When you raise your frequency (through love, appreciation, gratitude, Thrive), you are connecting with Source and you are capable of creating a reality that magnetizes ever increasing manifestations that which you love!

That goes for you as an individual and you within a community. Your healing, your thriving, your loving serves the unified field. As one of our founders, Lauren Schiermeyer, says: “We commune, connect, and increasingly become unified with others as our connection with Source is enhanced and energized.”

So what are you waiting for? What is standing in the way between you now and the life of your greatest and highest potential? What is blocking the way of your full empowered freedom? ⁣

The answers to these questions may be hidden in your subconscious. But even though they are not yet conscious, they can be made available and the resistance can be cleared. And when that happens you will feel the power of being empowered. And, “to be empowered—to be free, to be unlimited, to be creative, to be genius, to be divine—that is who you are…. Once you feel this way, memorize this feeling; remember this feeling. This is who you really are” (Joe Dispenza).

Do you feel this to be true? Do you know this somewhere deep down in your bones? You are essentially free, unlimited, creative, genius and divine!

Let this in and let your radiance shine, “Be grateful for your life, every detail of it, and your face will come to shine like a sun, and everyone who sees it will be made glad and peaceful” (Rumi).

We’re here to support and celebrate you through all of your life experiences. The intention of a Full Thrive Session is not to bypass the lessons that we are here to learn, but rather to call in the highest level experience of those lessons – to ultimately be a space holder of the lesson in a way of service⁣ to others who may be facing similar challenges. ⁣

May all of your lessons serve not only your healing path, but the evolution and expansion of All.

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