What is Thrive?

Thrive is the ever evolving culmination of a lifetime of seeking to be the very best version of ourselves.

Our mission: Help you unlock your most exponential self!

The Thrive System (formerly known as Live Your Thrive) includes many strategies which serve to clear blocks, programming or limiting beliefs that hinder you from your greatest and fullest life experience. It works on all aspects: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual to heal, ENERGIZE and integrate all levels of you. With Thrive, you are able to fully upgrade your being and your life to manifest a truly extraordinary THRIVING experience.

We’ve studied with some of the most Renowned Healers, Master Strategists, Billionaire business Leaders and Grandmasters of Ancient Healing & Martial traditions. We’ve travelled deep into the jungles, deserts and arctic landscapes seeking knowledge and gathering wisdom.

We’ve seen and been a part of incredible life changing moments. We’ve seen the healing of terrible wounds, the creation of immense wealth for thousands of people, and the realization of countless dreams!

Through all these amazing, once in a lifetime experiences we have learned that the secrets are available to everyone. What we thought would require decades of practice is actually already within us just waiting to be released!

This is Thrive…an opportunity to unlock and unleash your most powerful Self!

Live Your Thrive® Story

Live Your Thrive® was created by husband & wife team, Lauren and Eric Schiermeyer in 2012. As devoted spiritual seekers, they wanted a way to replicate the energy boost they got from various healing modalities, but with a more lasting effect.

It all began when they wanted a system they could use with each other at home. They quickly realized that they had created something with a farther reaching impact than they ever imagined or intended. Over time, word spread about the Thrive System and more people requested sessions. The results this technique created were absolute magic.

As more people experienced Thrive for themselves, they wanted to share the modality by learning how to facilitate sessions for others, too.

Because of this demand, and a strong purpose and dream to help many others heal & THRIVE, Lauren and Eric committed to bringing this system to as many people as possible. And that brings us to YOU. Are you ready to THRIVE, too?


Lauren Schiermeyer is a Scientist, Master of Ancient Healing Arts, World Traveller, & Wife!

From an early age, Lauren travelled the planet several times over. Her adventures have taken her deep into the tropical rainforests and the most remote arctic Inuit villages, along death defying cliffs in South America and across the plains of Africa, to sacred sites around the world and hidden realms within. Her guiding light has always been to be a part of healing the planet and all beings living on it! Her time as a Marine Biologist had her wrangling whales, midwifing giant turtles and travelling to remote islands. And yet, that wasn’t enough for her, so she leapt into the inner city school system and made a difference teaching under privileged children.

When Lauren found Traditional Chinese medicine she began another journey to find some of the secrets to living a life filled with wellness and energy. This adventure led her to discover more and more systems, modalities and techniques that many people are unaware even exist. Then she met her soulmate and partner and together they began journeying deeper into the unseen realms. Though many of their experiences together were amazing, they felt there was more and that more people could and should have access to them. And so Thrive was born!

She now dedicates her time to teaching and performing Thrive. She cannot wait to help you find your path to the most Thriving life possible!


Eric Schiermeyer is an Entrepreneur, Teacher, Philosopher, Adventurer & Husband!

Eric has travelled the world seeking teachers of all types to help him grow and learn. He studied ancient martial traditions in a remote region in Japan, and spiritual teachings deep in the southwest. He has founded several companies that have grown to become cultural icons and helped to create thousands of jobs. His work has touched the lives of more than 300 million people. He has kayaked into a hurricane, scaled the face of mountains and hiked deep into the rainforests.

Eric has sought to achieve great things in his life, but the greatest achievement has been to surrender to Love. With his wife and collaborator Lauren, he has embarked on creating a life filled with love, passion and purpose.

Together they have co-created an energetic system that distills and refines all they have learned. And through the creation and implementation of this system, awakened abilities within themselves they didn’t know to expect. The journey has just begun!