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Clearing the Field

How is your luminous field? Are you even aware that there is more to you than what can be seen and touched?

The luminous field surrounds and fills your physical body. It radiates out from you, interacting with other unseen fields of people, animals, plants, rocks and minerals. It is the way we communicate with the world around us. A baby’s field is often light, clear and open to ALL possibility.

But as we grow, circumstances can interfere with the radiance of the field.

Limiting beliefs, protection strategies, programing, and emotional imprinting can feel like baggage that weigh us down and keep us from living with joy and vitality. We can get caught up in the past and entangled in cords that distort our full soul expression. Our energetic fields can be torn, thickened and muddied.

On the flip side, our energetic fields can be infused with super high frequency energy that clears, heals, uplifts and inspires! The universe provides infinite opportunities to grow, flow and thrive.

There are many ways to clear the field, some more effective and efficient than others – yoga, meditation, emotional release, shamanic journeys, soul retrieval, EMDR, brain mapping, bodywork, Reiki, ritual, prayer, WAVELENGTH.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve experienced at least one of the above techniques. The modern world is rich with healing possibilities.

Some modalities clear the energetic field and turn on new light codes via the physical body, others emotional, mental or spiritual. Results can be instantaneous and miraculous, or slow and incomplete.

What if it were easy? What if you could sit back, rest and receive a deep clearing – one directed by your own Soul? What then?

A new world could open up in you, for you, through you. This new way of being could change not only your life and heal layers of your body, but radiate out from you in ever-expanding circles, shifting life as you know it. Here and beyond.

A Thrive Session clears and empowers the WHOLE spectrum.

When we clear our field, energy is free to flow in ways that nourish our soul’s purpose. Energy is available to mend wounds and heal scars. We are no longer held back by the past – ours and our ancestors’. We become more powerful Dreamers – creators of a world where we Thrive, and truly, where All Thrive.

Anything is possible.

Be Clear and Live Your Thrive!

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