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Whether you are just barely beginning to sense that a thriving life is possible for you, or whether your life is totally awesome but you know it could be even better, this community is for you!

We are living in a new paradigm where one does not need to be motivated and fueled by suffering.  We don’t need to suffer in order to grow and to learn. If we choose, and are able to take the necessary steps, we can be fully motivated and fueled by connection to our souls and by connection to the unlimited energy of Source.

You may call Source something else:  a Higher Power, God, Spirit, the energy that connects everything, etc., but they essentially mean the same thing in our Wavelength System.   And the key thing to remember is that Source is truly UNLIMITED, which means there is way more than enough to go around and that everyone can truly THRIVE!  This is true abundance. And once you start to experience this, it changes your whole life. And once enough lives are changed to this abundant, thriving, existence, our world will truly change.

When you create something, there is usually an intention behind it.  When we created the Thrive System, it was after nearly 2 decades of study, research, training and practice in various systems and beliefs.  Because we both believe in and expect miracles, and also feel that anything can be changed in an instant, our intention was to create something that could facilitate radical shifts in very small periods of time—AND make them sustainable.  

As an acupuncturist, Lauren has a dear love for Chinese medicine, but would often find herself frustrated that patients felt dependent on her and their weekly appointments to feel better.  We had both gone through using various healing modalities and practices and often times feeling “dependent” on them for well-being. We both wanted to have something that offered more rapidly and sustainably, the empowerment of full vitality, abundant energy, and incredible transformations and awakenings.  

We were so grateful when we created Live Your Thrive® and witnessed its effects in our lives, but still never imagined we would share it with the world.  And then it just happened. Our friends and family who we gave sessions to started telling others, and then they would ask for sessions and tell others.  People also started requesting to learn the system. After teaching a couple of practitioners Thrive and then witnessing the profound results in their lives along with those that they were serving, we knew this was something that was meant to be widespread—we were meant to share it with the world.

We are so genuinely excited that you have chosen to connect in with our vibrant and thriving community.  It’s been a long time in development and is now officially being launched out into the world publicly. 

Welcome to experiencing a new version of YOU—the you that will create a thriving reality for yourself and then ignite and inspire that in others.

Welcome to Living Your Thrive!

With Love,

Lauren & Eric Schiermeyer

Join us & Live Your Thrive!

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