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In the Flow

Thrive is a system of quantum energy work that combines elements of multiple ancient and modern healing modalities, cohesively woven together into one expansive, transformational experience.

Athletes, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs often refer to this energy as being “in the flow.” Sir Richard Branson says this of Flow: “In two hours of flow, I can accomplish tremendous things!”

Flow is a heightened state of consciousness where things feel effortless, decisions become obvious, and synchronicity occurs. It is that peak state where you are at your very best – both exhilarating and peaceful. It is where the impossible is possible.

This is where the magic happens!

The term was first coined in the 1970’s by University of Chicago psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihaly. He conducted a survey, asking people about the times when they felt and performed their best. Scientists, doctors, dancers, farmers, gang members, ALL kinds of people, described their experience as being in the flow. Imagine that! It’s a universal experience.

You experience flow, too. Truly.

When you’re in Flow, your brain function radically alters – you are functioning with heightened attention and awareness, making decisions in the moment, almost precognitively! That self-monitoring, narrating, doubting, inner critic voice is turned off. You enter into that liminal, limitless state between daydreaming and sleep (hypnagogic state) and access boundless creativity. Pleasure-inducing and performance-enhancing hormones flood your bloodstream.

And Thrive can take you there.

Flow with us and Live Your Thrive!

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