Our Thrive Practitioners

The practitioners listed below have gone through some truly amazing experiences. They have had extensive training, practice, and personalized mentorship in the Thrive system. We wholeheartedly believe they can provide the very best service to you and recommend any of them to support you in your journey.

All of our practitioners are thriving in their own way and are informed by their vast and varied experiences in the realms of health and healing. They have travelled the world and have trained in many different spiritual practices. We have Yoga teachers, Life Coaches, Martial artists, Reiki masters, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors and Astrologers, to name a few.

Please take a moment to find one that resonates with you. We are looking forward to serving you!

Live Your Thrive ®

Dr. Jennifer Marie Lane

Dr. Jennifer Marie Lane’s service to the world is through her devotion to dreams and embodied life. She is a mother, dream oracle, chiropractor, and teacher of earth wisdom and sacred movement. Thrive Sessions with Jenn are illuminating and awakening, evoking a deep sense of heart-soul connection. Having graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Medical Anthropology and Anthropological Genetics and worked as a healer, she weaves in a deep curiosity and respect for the healing potential of the human body and soul.


Tania da Costa

Tania is a leader, innovator and bridge, navigating both corporate and esoteric worlds with passion and grace. While leading teams and managing budgets within a multi-billion dollar international company, Tania pursued her deep love for metaphysics, astrology, herbalism and energy healing. When she found Thrive, she knew right away she wanted to help others tap into their hidden potential and experience the profound transformational shifts she was experiencing in her own life. With over 20 years of experience guiding individuals and teams, she brings a grounded, practical and well-rounded approach to all her Thrive healing sessions.


Nanci Pritchard

Nanci is an Earth mama, well-known for the deep feelings of groundedness and calmness she brings to all who enter her energetic field. As a Thrive Practitioner, her mission is to be of service to her clients’ alchemical process of releasing outdated programs and patterns that no longer serve them in order to create space for a much more energized and thriving life. Nanci received her MA from University of Oregon. She now follows the Priestess Path, is a Usui Level 3 Reiki Master Practitioner, and a Yoga Teacher (RYT-500).


Lauren Schiermeyer

Lauren is a passionate healer with an intense soul calling to serve. She regularly experiences feelings of awe and delight as she shares the Thrive system and witnesses its effects. As a Thrive teacher, she is so fulfilled by the incredible empowerment of those who have learned how to practice Thrive and use it to serve others. She is most inspired to work with those who have a true, heartfelt desire to live a thriving life. Having graduated from UC San Diego and worked as a scientist, followed by years spent studying and practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine, she brings a scientific mind and a healer’s heart to every soul guided interaction. Lauren accepts new clients on a limited basis.


Eric Schiermeyer

Eric’s focus is on advancing the Thrive system and exploring the impact the system has on the world. As a practitioner, he looks for men who are interested in taking their life to the next level. So, if you are a man who is ready to take on a big challenge and wants an infusion of energy, Eric is the right guy for you!  He will call out your limiting beliefs and will probably say something that will challenge you beyond what you thought was previously possible. Eric accepts new clients on a limited basis, but if you want to achieve greatness, then contact him to get started!