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Soul Guidance

Thrive works through communicating Soul to Soul. Soul is our essential nature. All things have a soul (though some may choose to deny their nature or the essence of other beings).

Soul is intimate with the Mystery, the Universal and Innate Intelligence of Life, itself. Soul is a Chalice that holds and pours forth the magic of Self – body, heart, mind, spirit. Soul is timeless, so when we are connecting at this level of consciousness, there’s a fluidity in moving through lives (past, future, parallel) and jumping timelines. At this level, anything can happen. We are free to fully know and express our gifts – to unlock limitless potential!

Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle does not readily lend itself to deep soul connection. Many have forgotten their inherent wisdom. Many have lost touch with their Higher Self. Many feel drained energetically, or at best, neutral. To be soul-less or disconnected in any way is a true travesty.

In the Foreword to Bill Plotkin’s Soulcraft, Thomas Berry speaks to the effects of this loss: “We are now finding that without the assistance of the invisible world we become confused and even frightened in times of crisis. We do not know how to call for assistance in these moments of difficult or how to ask for healing beyond the ordinary medical procedures. We are lacking in people who are sufficiently skilled in guiding us through our individual or community crises.”

This is where Thrive really thrives! The technique simply and clearly connects both practitioner and client with their Higher Selves. Healing happens through the guidance of the Soul, with little to no ego interference. In this way, miracles can happen because we are working beyond the ordinary pathways of perception – we are no longer standing in our own way.

Truly, the Soul longs for your thriving at all levels. And thriving doesn’t mean that you have the “perfect” body, health, job, house or social standing as determined by cultural standards. Thriving is as unique to you as your fingerprint. Thriving is you living to your highest, sharing your gifts, embodying your Soul’s purpose. It is wholeness, oneness, moreness, interconnectedness.

As Alberto Villoldo says, “Your soul doesn’t care what meal is on your plate or how much money is in your bank account.; it’s far more concerned with expressing in the world the gifts you have to offer” (Villoldo, Courageous Dreaming).

Your soul will guide you from an ordinary existence to an extraordinary LIFE. Open to limitless possibility and THRIVE.

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