Karen T. (Tania)
“I just wanted to let you know what's happened since my last session with Tania. All negativity and self doubt are GONE. I don't even want to revisit 'the lies', they are part of my past and I'm totally focused on how to get to the future that I want. I can't thank you enough and look forward to session #3.”
- Karen T.
Tanya T (Nanci)
“WOW… this is the best word to describe my first Thrive session with Nanci. I received a ton of value as it related getting clarity around emotional blocks that were impeding my progress. I left the conversation, with answers and actions steps that will propel me forward to realizing my dream more fully. Thank You for your service. I felt totally seen and heard, by all. I highly recommend Thrive to anyone wanting to take a deeper dive into YOU.”
- Tanya T.
“The first word that came to me when I finished my Thrive session with Lauren, was that I felt new. And when I briefed a friend on my session, she said she could feel that this was the beginning of something for me. On an intuitive/ psychic plane, I have a better feeling of where I have come from, what was holding me back, and how I can now proceed forward. I have a stronger relationship and understanding of my soul, and its interconnectedness with Source, my soul family, and other souls. I look forward to seeing how the clearings manifest in my life, and how my energy levels in the different areas of my life shift. I am so grateful for the messages I received, and I am so grateful for this clear and pure transmission I received from Lauren."

- Laura Li-Wei S.
“Thrive is challenging to describe with words. Powerful. Transformative. Illuminating. Each of these words comes to mind when attempting to describe the experience and yet none of them come close. Imagine a light that casts from all directions simultaneously. A light that permeates every shadow instantly. A light that illuminates areas that you didn't realize were even there. In this visual, the shadows are anything and everything holding you back from your highest potential. The Light is Thrive. Once it's turned on everything shifts.”
- Matthew A.
“It is my job, sponsored by the awesome LA-based EDGEtv channel, to find the world's greatest healers and mystics. My first month in Bali, I was having one of the worst trips of my entire life -- so many things went wrong at once -- I was dangerously despondent. I had a session with Tania desperate for anything that would help me with my failing mental state and circumstances and I have to say that within a few days the worst trip of my life turned into the 2nd best trip of my entire life and I've been a lot of places as I travel for a living. It was like a curtain of darkness was lifted and everything just started going right and working for me in my life. Thank you Tania!!! I would recommend her to anyone with no reservations! xoxo”

- Scott W.
“Working with Lauren has completely shifted my mindset, perspective and energy. The entire session you feel comfortable and relaxed. For me the best part are the changes that start showing up in my life days, weeks following. One thing I noticed after just 1 session was I am now able to communicate at a much higher level than I was before. After 3 more sessions, I realized that I have been coping with stressful situations in my life so much better. It's hard to put words to how amazing this experience is because you just FEEL amazing after. I loved my experience so much and will continue to do Thrive sessions.”
- Rachel P.
Niav C (Lauren)
“Lauren's Thrive Sessions are extraordinary. I have never experienced anything like it in my life and I've done a lot of esoteric work. I've had 3 Thrive Sessions with Lauren over an 8 month period. My mind still has difficulty registering the effectiveness of this work and the miraculous transformations that have occurred in my life. One of which was releasing a 20 year habit of drinking wine every night. It's mind blowing! She also helped me through a very dark period of depression. Lauren is one of the most humble humans I know and so masterful at facilitating the sessions. I feel deeply grateful to know her and to have access to Thrive. I honestly can't say enough about how incredible this work is.”

- Niav C.
“I had been feeling very drained in my work and personal life. As a self employed entrepreneur, I had been actively seeking ways to grow both personally and professionally. But I just wasn’t seeing much growth.

“Immediately after my session, and still to this day, I have not compared myself to anyone in my industry! My energy was so thriving I felt that I was living on a high. I felt happy with endless amounts of energy, and love just radiated from me. It was so freeing and the happiest I had felt in a while!

“I also started helping others who were struggling. I see clearly that the challenges I overcame are now gifts and resources for others. I can meet them where they are and help them to the other side because I’ve been there, myself."
- Cindy S.
Rondi R. (Lauren)
"My Thrive sessions with Lauren have been an incredible healing time. Lauren is highly intuitive, skilled and knowledgeable as she guides each session. The sessions themselves feel as if I'm in conversation with my higher self. Following each session I've felt an overall wellbeing and contentment in my life.

"My largest shifts have come through the mental chatter that has simply fallen away after each session. I have more clarity in mind and overall connectedness to my mind, body, spirit. In several cases many things in my life have simply fallen into place after a session including a job offer that had just been perpetuating out there but not really coming through and a salary offer increase along with it. Financially some money that had been owed to me from my employer came through as well. Emotionally I feel more connected to my true self and a greater acceptance for my life as it is overall. The Thrive sessions have allowed clearing and space in my life to do the things that matter most.

"Lauren is an extremely caring and present person. Session with her feel like conversations with a dear friend who has your greatest interest at heart. She is an empathetic listener and a master at connecting to and asking the right questions. I always look forward to my Thrive sessions as a way to easily and comfortably connect more deeply with my soul, to more easily and comfortably do my soul's work. To assist in releasing that which is no longer needed - it's amazing how it just falls away with little effort. Thrive creates a deeper connection and understanding within myself. I also have found it helpful in un-programming unconscious programs and patterns. Thrive is an insightful tool that I am grateful Lauren has masterfully and intuitively brought to this world."
- Rondi R.
Stephanie L. (Lauren)
“After the third session with Lauren, my emotional connections as an empath are extremely heightened. I can feel emotions while in the presents of others and I am learning that at times I can feel the emotions of those close to me even when we are apart.

“I am learning how my gifts can be used to help others in need. Helping others is deep in my soul and what truly fills me up. As I learn to differentiate my emotions from others, I will then be able to bless others with a clear mind and heart.

“My physical energy has returned and I am able to get many tasks accomplished daily without feeling stressed or overwhelmed. The ease at which I flow through my day is such a blessing. I was feeling completely depleted and stressed prior to my sessions and now if feels almost effortless to finish my tasks in a relaxed manner.

“I feel so blessed to have experienced Thrive sessions with Lauren to release energy, and beliefs that don't serve my soul. I now feel like I will continue to use Thrive sessions in the future just to find clarity and guidance when I'm feeling the need. The experience was beyond amazing!”
- Stephanie L.
Kristen S.
“Thrive has literally changed my life. I was initially interested in Thrive because I was seeking new energy in my life and felt stuck, particularly in the areas of work and relationship. Within a few weeks of my first Thrive session, I received multiple new offers for work projects that truly excited me AND I met my husband. I've continued to receive Thrive sessions since then and after every session, I experience dramatic shifts in my energy where I feel even more in alignment with my optimal self. For anyone looking to take their life to the next level, Thrive is for you!"
- Kristen S.
“A Thrive session with Lauren feels like an embodied Soul prayer. I felt my body wake up as energy started flowing - very much like an acupuncture or Network Spinal chiropractic session. As past lives came up to be cleared, my body began to move and tears of remembrance flowed. My Soul was guiding the way, attending to the clearing and repairs of my wounded heart, mind and spirit. It was a magical and transformative experience!

“Immediately after experiencing Thrive, I felt more alive and integrated. I feel more connected to Source and to living with joyful purpose. Of course, life continues to bring challenges (and joys!), and I feel more capable of both creating structure and surrendering to the flow of love. I can’t wait to experience the ever-evolving thriving versions of myself, and to be a practitioner of this stellar soulful system of healing!”

- Jennifer L.
"I consider myself a conscious Being and have experience with energy work such as Reiki, Polarity, Craniosacral Therapy, etc. Thrive is the epitome of them all and provides immediate change. The treatments with Lauren helped me to gain clarity of Self, and allowed me to witness the subtle changes Thrive facilitated for my Highest Good. It left me awe-inspired and with a great sense of gratitude. I can highly suggest this ground-breaking modality to everyone. It will positively change your life forever!"

- Stephanie K.
"Since my reading, I have noticed that not only are my energy levels more full, but that decision-making has been easier in my life. I've also noticed that I am more aware of subtle shifts of energy in my body, deepening my sensitivity to the effects of herbal medicine. I also feel more connected with the people around me."

- Anonymous
Allison P. (Lauren)
“Hi, just for the record, Lauren’s energy work is totally (and very, very positively) insane, and I feel fabulous! I'm so grateful.I had the good fortune to meet Lauren and Eric at a yoga retreat - which I had signed up for, in large part, hoping that the retreat experience could help me regain some of my completely-depleted energy. Discussing the Thrive system at dinner one night, it became clear that THIS was why I'd wound up there: The opportunity to feel not only replenished, but permanently so, was something I hadn’t even imagined. I've had numerous forms of energy work, and while I enjoy the immediate experience, the results are not typically lasting. Is long-term change even possible? Yes. After one session with Lauren, I:

· Felt so much energy flow into me that I became a little dizzy!
· Reversed post-chemo neuropathy – I could immediately feel sensations through my fingertips for the first time in six years (I wouldn’t have believed it either!). I hadn’t anticipated any physical result.
· Now continue to feel more energetic – for example, able to cope with negative individuals, workplace challenges or other stressors – without feeling immediately exhausted. I can take it in stride, calling in more energy when I notice signs of loss or fatigue.

“No, Thrive won’t do your dishes or handle the day-care run or finish that critical report. Nothing happens for you. Thrive simply makes it possible to do what’s needed for yourself. As for me, I’m deeply grateful.”

- Allison P.
Training Anon 2
“I received several Thrive sessions from Lauren before I realized that this was a system that I truly wanted to become more involved with. I hadn’t taken any sort of comparable training before, but I did have experience using a pendulum. To be honest, I was a little nervous about taking a class on how to be a Thrive Practitioner and to give Thrive sessions, but Lauren and Eric have a way of teaching Thrive that is absolutely user-friendly with lots of explanations and time for hands-on practice.

“Lauren and Eric provided a lot of information about the Thrive system and were very encouraging. They were available to guide me through my learning process and to answer my questions as they came up. I learned how to connect with my Soul and to work in clearing old patterns, negative imprints, emotions and thoughts that were causing interference in the way I was navigating my life.

“I’ve now finished my Thrive training and am literally buzzing with the energy and the sweetness of coming into the full power of who I am. People are starting to notice that "there's something different" about me that they can't quite put their finger on. I love that the work I've been doing is so tangible and that my life just keeps getting better.

“I’m happy to have had the experience and the opportunity to participate as a student of Thrive. Both Lauren and Eric exceeded my expectations regarding their knowledge and mastery of the Thrive system. I highly recommend them and the Thrive class without any reservations to anyone who is on a mission to improve their life.”

- Anonymous
“Today was my first Thrive session and i have to say wow what an experience. I feel like my brain is awake and i can see clearly, my body doesn’t feel heavy and tired. I look forward to future sessions and highly recommend it for anyone.”

- Yuki S.
Tania C
“I am feeling great actually. Very clear mentally, the fog has lifted and physically I feel good too. I am feeling balanced in all areas. It's quite interesting...I am lighter.”

- T.C.
“I have been lucky enough to experience Thrive a few times now and each time has been amazing and powerful. My last session with Eric seemed to open up potentials in my life not only unseen but unimagined. Since my session In Japan I have passed the teaching level martial arts test (the Godon), started teaching in my own Dôjô, moved out of location I disliked to paradise, moved on from an unhealthy relationship, and embodied a level of joy and freedom in life not experienced before. I attribute much of these major life changes in the last 4 months to Thrive and my integration of it after. Thank you Eric for helping me not only shift my life but integrating tools to sustain it. I’m forever changed to what feels like my true self and eternally grateful. Thank you!!!”

- John A.
Tania D.
“Some recent life events left me feeling emotionally drained and confused. With just one session of Thrive, I was able to shift into a place of energetic alignment with increased energy and mental focus. The results have been self-sustaining and far exceeded my expectations. Lauren is a compassionate, caring soul that creates sacred space for ultimate healing and transformation. I am honored to be walking my healing path alongside her."
- Tania D.
Diane M
“Wavelength is an experience where past patterns and traumas are purged from your mind, body, and spirit fields. After a session, you can expect a feeling of lightness and peace. The most remarkable aspect is that in the following weeks, you might find yourself in a situation where you experienced fear and found that after Wavelength, the fear had dissipated. Very freeing and empowering!”

- Diane M.
“Lauren is an amazing channel for spiritual empowerment and transformation. Since I received two Wavelength sessions, I am directly and fully connected to Source energy. This direct connection to Source energy has empowered me to incorporate components of the Wavelength technique into my spiritual practice. My direct ability to use methods of self-clearing and self-healing has been awakened!"

- Cat B.
Training Anon
“Lauren and Eric provided a lot of information about the Wavelength system and were very encouraging. To be honest, I was a little nervous about taking a class on how to be a Wavelength Practitioner and to give Wavelength sessions, but Lauren and Eric have a way of teaching Wavelength that is absolutely user-friendly with lots of explanations and time for hands-on practice.

“They were available to guide me through my learning process and to answer my questions as they came up. I’ve now finished my Wavelength training and am literally buzzing with the energy and the sweetness of coming into the full power of who I am. People are starting to notice that "there's something different" about me that they can't quite put their finger on. I love that the work I've been doing is so tangible and that my life just keeps getting better.

“Both Lauren and Eric exceeded my expectations regarding their knowledge and mastery of the Wavelength system. I highly recommend them and the Wavelength class without any reservations to anyone who is on a mission to improve their life.”

- Anonymous
Training Anon 3
“In the past, I’ve attended many classes and retreats on the path to healing my relationship with my body. I would say each of these experiences brought me a little closer to feeling more comfortable in my skin. However, the Wavelength training I completed with Lauren and Eric has me feeling more transformed, empowered, and energized in ways I’ve never experienced or even imagined were possible before. I feel like I’ve taken a quantum leap in the direction of self-acceptance and self-love.

“The Wavelength training helped me to access the courage to break free from limiting belief patterns that were centered around my body, self-loathing, and doubts about my own self-worth. I also uncovered and released a deeply rooted fear of success that kept me stuck and unable to stop self-sabotaging.

“Since the completion of my Wavelength training, I no longer stand in my own way. I’m so excited about all the possibilities that this new trust and belief in my own sovereignty will create. Thank you, Lauren and Eric.”

- Anonymous
Mike S (Lauren)
"Lauren thank you so much for the change you have helped me achieve! Your open heart, intuition and finely tuned skills are a wonderful recipe for a positive outcome. I am now happier, stronger and wiser and I still use some of the techniques Lauren taught me to make sure I stay that way!"

- Mike S.