We recommend that you begin your journey with a “Full Thrive” and choose 1 practitioner to work with through the whole series. We have found time and again that a series of 3 sessions within 3 or fewer months is the most effective way to feel the benefits of this life-changing system. Some people prefer 1 session per week, and some prefer spacing it out to once every 3-4 weeks. After your “Full Thrive” you can always choose to continue or pause to integrate the shifts. You’ll know what to do!

Sessions happen via phone, video conference, or in-person.  On the day of your scheduled session, please be situated in a comfortable, private, quiet place where you can be fully present.

Most people experience a Thrive session as deeply relaxing, energizing and illuminating. Often clients will see immediate shifts in perception. And after several days or weeks, larger life changes will begin to appear–including having enough energy to address all those things you couldn’t attend to before.

We are so excited for you to truly Thrive!

Give the Gift of Thriving to your loved ones this holiday season with a Mini or Full Thrive!



Full Thrive

3 – 75 minute Thrive sessions for a complete clearing and energizing of all of your Vessels.

Recommended for: Anyone ready to take their life to the next level. 3- Thrive sessions in quick succession helps you make that big change in your life that you know is waiting for you.

The Full Thrive offers the opportunity to experience truly incredible life transformation. We recommend you begin your Thrive experience here.

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*All sessions to be used within 90 days

Relationship Thrive

1 – 90 minute Thrive session to clear blocks and energize the relationship body between you and your loved one. This session could be used for a spouse, significant other, coworker, friend, family member, or anyone else that you care about.

Recommended for: When you feel like your connection with someone has blocks, interference, or is in need of an energetic boost.  This is also a great opportunity for someone who has had a Thrive Session and wants to include a loved one on their journey towards an amazing life.

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Group Thrive

1 – 90 minute Thrive Session for your group. These sessions are designed to investigate and remove any past life trauma between the members of your group and to unlock unlimited Source energy to fuel your group’s mission! This is a great way to initiate any group class or training.

Recommended for: Yoga teacher trainings, spiritual retreats, office co-workers, families, meditation groups, support groups, or any group of people seeking more harmony.

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Mini Thrive

1 – 75 minute Thrive session to get you started down the path toward a thriving life.

Recommended for: Whether you are a new or seasoned, this session is for you if you want to experience the magic of Thrive without a commitment to the Full Thrive session package.

A Mini Thrive session is also a great option to gift loved ones to get them started on their path to living a thriving life.

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Cancellation Policy
Please contact us at least 24 hours to cancel or reschedule your appointment. For changes or cancellations within 24 hours you will be charged the full amount for your scheduled appointment. Thank you for your time and understanding.

WE’LL LOOK AT and enhance…

Your Physical Being: What’s going on with your body? What areas need attention or care? What’s not feeling well? Do you feel safe, secure, and supported? Do you feel grounded?

Your Emotional Being: Are there emotions you are suppressing, holding back, or simply not feeling? Do you feel drained or frustrated when interacting with others’ emotional processes? Are there blockages here that we need to address?

Your Concrete or Lower Mental Being: How are you with making decisions? Are you managing deadlines and timelines well? Is it challenging or easy for you to create organized systems for yourself or others? Are you feeling rebellious, and why?

Your Abstract or Upper Mental Being: How is your strategic and critical thinking going? Do you feel connected to your creativity and vision, or is there something holding you back? Do you come up with clear, optimized strategies for your life?

Your Manifesting Ability: How powerfully are you able to manifest your desires and provide energy to help others manifest their desires as well? Are you able to communicate your incredible visions to the world?

Your Soul: How connected are you to your soul? How connected are you to other souls?

Your Source: Ultimately, what is your connection to or disconnection from source – the energy of oneness and all? What’s blocking or interfering with that connection?

At the end of your session, you’ll feel lighter, clearer, and more energized — like a brand new person. At the end of 3 sessions, you’ll feel completely cleared of whatever was blocking you or keeping you stuck.