Live Your Thrive ™

What is Thrive?

Love. Nourishment. Abundance. The feeling of being lifted up, brightened, and filled with ease.

Think about one of the most perfect moments of your life: witnessing a beautiful sunset, holding your baby for the first time, looking into the eyes of your soulmate…these moments have one major thing in common.

They connect us to something greater. They remind us of how small and seemingly insignificant, yet also how important and divinely perfect each of us are in the grander scheme. They open us to the magnificence of life. This feeling we have in those precious moments – this sensation we have all experienced – is what happens when we connect to SOURCE.

Source Energy flows through, creates, and is all things, physical and non-physical. It is Spirit, Higher Self, Oneness, God/dess, the Divine, Universal Eternal Consciousness, Unconditional Love. When we tap in to that Flow, we experience the beauty and immensity of All That Is. We experience Bliss, Joy, and a deep sense of contentment. We feel Whole.

Lauren and Eric Schiermeyer have developed a system that connects you to Source Energy. This is done through a systematic approach of clearing and enhancing your energy system so that you can take a quantum leap to the next level of your life. Thrive is based on ancient and modern healing modalities that we’ve refined and distilled to their essence so that you can experience rapid and massive upgrades to what is possible for you and your life.

We are so very excited to share and Thrive with you!

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